The First Night

by Lexi Blake
M. J. Rose

Join New York Times Best Selling Authors Lexi Blake and M. J. Rose as they take you to ancient Persia—a land of magic, erotic delights and exotic danger.

Discover the beginnings of 1001 Dark Nights…

The First Night

Trapped in the body of the legendary Scheherazade, a young woman named Camille, finds herself in a land of harems, wizards, and ruthless rulers. A student of time travel, a descendant of a witch, and a curious and sensitive soul, Camille is trapped by the king’s order. Night after night she’s forced to tell stories of her travels across the planes in order to keep herself alive. Tales of the erotic, the romantic, the magical, and the sensual, she entertains the king in the hopes that he will spare her life. Desperate to get back to her own time, she turns to the one man who might be able to save her.

Khalid is a member of an ancient order of mages, his power granted to him by a Djinn. The most feared man in the kingdom, he is still forced to do the king’s bidding and the king wants to know if Scheherazade is a witch. Khalid sees through the mask Camille wears and knows she’s the one woman promised to him by fate. He’ll do anything to have her, anything to love her. But to save her means losing her forever…

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