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Once Upon a Time…

Welcome to 1001 Dark Nights… a collection of novellas that are breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic. Some are paranormal, some are contemporary. Each and every one is compelling and page turning.

Inspired by the exotic tales of The Arabian Nights, 1001 Dark Nights features New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling authors.

In the original, Scheherazade desperately attempts to entertain her husband, the King of Persia, with nightly stories so that he will postpone her execution.

In our versions, month after month, each of our fabulous authors puts a unique spin on the premise and creates a tale that a new Scheherazade tells long into the dark, dark night.

…Happily Ever After

Out Now!

Change With Me

(A With Me In Seattle Novella)

by Kristen Proby

From New York Times Bestselling author Kristen Proby comes an all new novella set in her beloved With Me In Seattle series!

Zane Cooper. Hollywood royalty. Fourth generation superstar. He knows what it is to be one of the biggest celebrities in the world. And how lonely that title truly is. When scandal hits, his career hangs in the balance, and Zane flees LA for Seattle, laying low with his newly married best friend. Things will eventually blow over, and he’ll have his life back soon enough.

Aubrey Stansfield arrives in Seattle excited to start a new job, and eager to settle into her new home. But when she arrives at her rental, Aubrey’s sure she’s imagining things because the uber sexy Zane Cooper is unpacking in her new bedroom. Thanks to a rental snafu, and unwilling to relocate on such short notice, Aubrey and Zane are thrust into being roommates.

Aubrey is about as average as a woman gets, so what could the megastar possibly see in her? She tells herself she’s not interested, despite their undeniable chemistry. But Zane is very persuasive, and soon Aubrey finds herself playing house with the most recognized man on the planet. Deep down, she knows it’s all a fantasy. He’ll head back to his posh lifestyle soon and leave her behind. No way could she fall in love with him.

But love doesn’t always follow the rules…

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An Exclusive Interview With Kristen Proby:

~ with Jillian Stein of Read Love Blog

I lalaloved Zane and Aubrey so much! How did you end up choosing them for this novella?

I’m so glad you loved it! When I wrote Shine With Me, and we met Zane in that book, I knew he had to have his own story! And that his love interest would be someone completely unexpected. That’s when I met Aubrey!

I adore all of your series and you have such beautiful covers for all of them. Is there one series that was more difficult to get just right over any of the others?

I’m a complete cover whore! LOL I think the one that’s been the most difficult, and has had the most cover changes, is my Big Sky series.

You also have another really cool side to your writing called Lady Boss Press. Can you tell us a little bit about what it is?

Sure! LBP is a small publishing company. We work with authors to publish original works for them, and to hopefully get their amazing work seen by new readers.

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