1001 Dark Nights
1,001 Dark Nights

Once Upon a Time…

Welcome to 1001 Dark Nights… a collection of novellas that are breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic. Some are paranormal, some are contemporary. Each and every one is compelling and page turning.

Inspired by the exotic tales of The Arabian Nights, 1001 Dark Nights features New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

In the original, Scheherazade desperately attempts to entertain her husband, the King of Persia, with nightly stories so that he will postpone her execution.

In our versions, month after month, each of our fabulous authors puts a unique spin on the premise and creates a tale that a new Scheherazade tells long into the dark, dark night.

…Happily Ever After


Out Now!

The Darkest Assassin

(A Lords of the Underworld Novella)

by Gena Showalter

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Gena Showalter comes a new story in her Lords of the Underworld series…

Fox is a demon-possessed immortal with many talents.
Ability to open portals—check
Power to kill the most dangerous Sent Ones—check
Scare away any man who might want to date her—mate
Now, the keeper of Distrust has been marked for death, a winged assassin with rainbow-colored eyes tracking her every move, determined to avenge the males she accidentally decimated. If only she could control the desire to rip off his clothes…

Bjorn is a fierce warrior with many complications.
Tragic, torture-filled past—check
A wife he was forced to wed, who is draining his life force—check
Ever-intensifying desire for the enigmatic Fox—mate
Never has he hesitated to exterminate an evil being. Until now. The sharp-tongued female with a shockingly vulnerable heart tempts him in ways no one else ever has, threatening his iron control.

But, as Fate itself seems to conspire against the unlikely pair, both old and new enemies emerge. And Fox and Bjorn must fight to survive.

And learn to love…

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An Exclusive Interview With Gena Showalter:

~ with Jillian Stein of Read Love Blog

I loved loved LOVED Fox and Bjorn *swoon*. How did you choose them for this novella?

When I wrote The Darkest Captive, Fox played a supporting role as the hero’s sidekick. I fell in total love with her character—a badass assassin who can turn off her emotions to get a job done. I also wondered what kind of man could melt her icy heart. Enter Bjorn, a ruthless winged warrior who…has an icy heart, too. Wait. Head scratch! How could one block of ice melt another? But oh, man. The second I put them together, they burned for each other.

Ok, your fight scenes are always intense and bad ass. Do you ever have to physically walk through some of the moves while you’re writing to see if they could actually work the way you envision them?

Yes! I once asked my husband to stand still as I pretended to punch and kick him from various angles. I chuckle every time I remember his oh, so patient expression as I made an absolute fool of myself.

If you could give Fox and Bjorn a theme song, what would it be?

We Are The Champions by Queen

You’re going to a trivia night and you have to choose a team of four. What three of your characters would you have join you?

Bjorn, because he’d make everyone stupid with his hotness. Fox, because she’d intimidate the competition. And Galen, Fox’s best friend, because he has no morals and he’ll make sure we’ll win. (Yes. He’ll cheat. What? I said what I said.)

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