Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is 1,001 Dark Nights?

A: The concept for 1,001 Dark Nights is pretty simple, but – we hope – very exciting. Basically, we’re producing an unlimited series of novellas based on the Arabian Nights tale, but retold through paranormal romance, contemporary romance, and erotic romance stories. 1,001 Dark Nights introduces readers to a time-traveling woman from the future, who gets trapped as Scheherazade and must tell a new story each night in order to stay alive. The alluring part for us is that because she’s a time-traveler, she’s experienced all sorts of time-periods and planes of existence — and you never know what type of story she’ll tell next!

At its core, 1001 Dark Nights is a marketing project designed to introduce fans to fabulous authors they might not have read before. We wanted to seek out authors that had strong relationships with their fans and wanted to grow their brands by making new relationships — not just sell a book to a reader, but really put themselves out there to connect with the readers. That’s how we see author brands building in the strongest way – through relationships.

We also wanted to create a theme that allowed the authors freedom to tell any story they wished to tell, but also kept the collection under the same umbrella. What better way than the tale of the Arabian Nights, where our Scheherazade can tell a different story every night! With this line of thinking, the authors were free to work within their publishing commitments and still give us an incredible novella that readers could really latch onto.

Q: Who are the owners of 1001 Dark Nights?

A: M.J. Rose, Liz Berry and Jillian Stein are the co-creators of 1,001 Dark Nights.
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Q: Do all of these novellas root from other series? If I read one from the authors I am not familiar with, will I be lost? Or do these stories stand on their own?

A: That’s a great question – and really gets at the heart of the project, which is to cross-market the authors. No, it’s not necessary to read the other books in each author series in order to read their story with 1,001 Dark Nights.  The authors are aware that their novellas might be read by new readers and they’re excited about the possibility — and they are writing the stories accordingly.  Hopefully, you will find several series/authors within the collection that you’ll want to further discover, but if not, you won’t be lost.

Q: Will the books continue to be bundled?

A: Yes, the plan is to continue bundling the books in groups of four. The 2015 titles will be bundled together beginning in March, 2016, and will continue to release every few months throughout the year. The best way to find out about new releases is by subscribing to our newsletter. We’ll announce updates there first.

Q: Is there a printable book list available?

A: Yes, there is a PDF at the top of our Books page.

Q: When will a new release be available on other retailers besides Amazon?

A: Each novella will be on sale exclusively through Amazon only for the first 90 days. After that, the book will be available at all retailers in all ebook formats. But if you aren’t a Kindle owner and don’t want to wait, you can go to Amazon, download the free Kindle app for your favorite ebook reading device, and read each novella on day one of its release.

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Q: Any plans to release these books on audio?

A: Yes. We have just signed a deal with Audible and should see the books releasing soon.

Q: Is the newsletter free or do you pay monthly?

A: The newsletter is free. 🙂

Q: How do you sign up for the newsletter?

A: You can sign up here.

Q: What is the procedure to submit a novella to 1,001 Dark Nights for consideration?

A: At this point, the project is by invitation only.