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Welcome to 1001 Dark Nights… a collection of novellas that are breathtakingly sexy and magically romantic. Some are paranormal, some are erotic. Each and every one is compelling and page turning.

Inspired by the exotic tales of The Arabian Nights, 1001 Dark Nights features 12 New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.

In the original, Scheherazade desperately attempts to entertain her husband, the King of Persia, with nightly stories so that he will postpone her execution.

In our versions, month after month, each of our fabulous authors puts a unique spin on the premise and creates a tale that a new Scheherazade tells long into the dark, dark night.

…Happily Ever After


This Month:


Tempted by Midnight

(A Midnight Breed Novella)

by Lara Adrian

Once, they lived in secret alongside mankind. Now, emerged from the shadows, the Breed faces enemies on both sides—human and vampire alike. No one knows that better than Lazaro Archer, one of the eldest, most powerful of his kind. His beloved Breedmate and family massacred by a madman twenty years ago, Lazaro refuses to open his heart again.

Sworn to his duty as the leader of the Order’s command center in Italy, the last thing the hardened warrior wants is to be tasked with the rescue and safekeeping of an innocent woman in need of his protection. But when a covert mission takes a deadly wrong turn, Lazaro finds himself in the unlikely role of hero with a familiar, intriguing beauty he should not desire, but cannot resist.

Melena Walsh has never forgotten the dashing Breed male who saved her life as a child. But the chivalrous hero of her past is in hard contrast to the embittered, dangerous man on whom her safety now depends. And with an unwanted—yet undeniable—desire igniting between them, Melena fears that Lazaro’s protection may come at the price of her heart….

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An Exclusive Interview With Lara Adrian:

~ with Jillian Stein of Read Love Blog

Lazaro and Melena are a wonderful couple and had a fast and intense connection that was phenomenal to read. What made you choose them for your 1,001 Dark Nights novella?

Thank you! When Lazaro Archer first appeared in the series (TAKEN BY MIDNIGHT, Book 8) I hadn’t intended him to be anything more than an interesting secondary character. But the reader reaction to Lazaro and to the devastating loss he suffered in that book was overwhelming. Everyone wanted me to write a story for him! I was thrilled to have that opportunity as part of the 1001 Dark Nights collection.

As for Melena Walsh, his heroine in TEMPTED BY MIDNIGHT, I knew it was going to take someone who’d known Lazaro from before (however briefly) and who was probably the one woman who could break through all of his darkness and his defensive walls to touch the heart of a good man who deserved to find love again.

Your Midnight Breed Series is a huge fan favorite and many of the fans have gotten the Breedmate tattoo. What was your reaction when fans first started tattooing the symbol?

Totally surprised and incredibly honored! And I’m also impressed by all the creativity some people have incorporated into their designs.